Light up the Night with the Tangle NightBall Football! Our innovative Airless Matrix design makes the NightBall easy to throw and easy to catch! Built with specially designed super bright motion-activated LEDs, the NightBall will amaze you with its bright flight as it spirals through the air.

The more you throw, kick and bounce Tangle NightBall Soccer Balls, the brighter they light up! Our super bright sports balls light up upon both impact and movement. NightBalls are even water-resistant and float! Perfect for play indoors and out - both night and day!

Now you can play soccer any time - on the street, at the park, even at the ocean. Our innovative Airless Matrix design makes these NightBalls easy to play with and do tricks.

Do tricks with with your flicks with the Tangle NightDisk! With super bright motion-activated LEDs built right into its unique design, the NightDisk will amaze you as it spins through the air. Made with latex-free, phthalate-free, nontoxic TPR material, the NightDisk is the perfect toy for the beach, pool, park, or backyard.

Get hot with your shot! New for 2016, the Tangle NightBall™ Basketball! Its unique Matrix design makes this ball easy to grip, dribble, bounce, and shoot. With super bright motion activated LEDs built right into the ball, it will amaze you as it travels down the court and through the air.