• 3 unique Matrix™ designed mini balls
• Built-in super bright motion sensor LEDs
• Perfect size for all hands
• Water-resistant & floats
• Perfect for on-the-go play - day or night!

The Tangle NightBall™ Mini is The Ultimate Light Up Sports Ball

The Tangle NightBall™ Mini is perfect for just about anywhere! Their unique Matrix™ designs as well their small size make these balls ideal for playtime, anytime!

Long lasting super bright motion sensor LEDs light up the NightBall™ Mini with every throw and bounce. Made with latex-free, phthalate free, non-toxic TPR material, the NightBall™ Mini is water-resistant and floats too!

The NightBall™ Mini is so much fun! Available in three colors: Green, Yellow, and Blue. Collect them all!

Light Up the Night with the Tangle Nightball! The only uniquely designed light up sports ball with super bright motion-activated LEDs built right in!