Tangle Creations is the evolution of Tangle Toys, a company that began 36 years ago and was founded on the concept of “Creativity for All". Our signature product is the Tangle Jr. - a series of 90-degree curved sections, joined together and able to pivot at each point. A Tangle® has no beginning and no end! Turn it, twist it, Tangle® it! Once you pick it up, it's hard to put it down! Visit our main site here.

Our strength is rooted in our innovation and dedication to designing and manufacturing great products for people of all ages to enjoy. The Tangle® NightBall™ Collection is the latest example of our mission. With super bright motion-activated LEDs built right into the unique Airless Matrix™ design of each ball, the NightBalls™ are unlike any other sports balls you've ever seen! With new NightBall™ products being added to our roster every season, there's a NightBall™ for everyone! Now You Can Play Anytime, Anywhere - Day or Night! - with the Tangle® NightBall™!